The grants will follow “a call for proposal cycle” with four (4) cycles per year.Every call for proposal cycle shall be preceded by a vigorous publicity campaign calling for interested firms in the different sectors to express interest, pick/acquire application forms. The publicity campaign shall seek to be as detailed as possible giving the prospective clients clear information on time frames, eligible activities, eligible firms and all other details concerning the grant. The publicity shall use possible major media channels.

Handholding support and Submission of grant application forms and proposal

The MGF shall continue to provide handholding support to prospective clients. Since this is not like a competition that the best proposal/application gets the grant, the Facility will be available to prospective clients seeking information on issues regarding eligibility issues, sourcing of BDS providers, preparation of application forms and other handholding needs. The objective of this is to ensure that the applicants submit a well thought through applications and one that shall be useful in raising competitiveness of their firm. The handholding support will be provided by the Business Advisor and in line with those activities deemed as beneficial and in line with the Firms competitive activities.
Once the call for proposals time expires, all applications received after that date shall only be considered in the next round.